Start a Fan Page (a.k.a. Business Page) on Facebook

If you want to get your art online quickly and inexpensively, start a fan page (a.k.a. business page) on Facebook.


I can think of 5 reasons that Facebook should be your first step toward an online presence.

  1. Facebook has over 500,000,000 users. FIVE HUNDRED MILLION. But . . .
  2. You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to view a fan page. They are public. (This is why you need a fan page and not just a personal profile on Facebook.)
  3. Facebook allows you only 5000 friends, but you can have unlimited fans.
  4. Facebook fan pages are indexed by Google and appear near the top of search engine results.
  5. They’re free!
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You do not need a personal account to start a fan page — only a business account. Facebook warns, however, that functionality is limited without the personal account.

So, let’s assume you have a personal account on Facebook and want to create a business/fan page. It’s easy to do in 5 quick, though not very intuitive, steps.

From any page Facebook, scroll down to the very very bottom of the page. In the lower right corner, click on Advertising (I know, right? Who would have thought it would be under Advertising!).

Step 1: Click on Advertising at the very bottom, right side, of any Facebook page.

A screen will open up and want to sell you advertising. Don’t do it! At least not just yet. Instead, click on the Facebook Page hyperlink in the center column.

Step 2: Click on the hyperlinked "Facebook Page" in the center column.

Finally! The big green button we’re looking for!

Step 3: Click on Create a Page when the next screen opens up.

You want to create an Official Page, not a Community Page.

Select your category. And please don’t select Local Business! I think that’s one of the dumbest categories for an online business. If you’re online, “local” doesn’t mean squat. Go for Artist, Band, or Public Figure and then select, presumably, Visual Artist from the drop-down menu.

Facebook Fan Pages for Artists

Step 4: Select a category for your page

Type in a name for your page. Most artists have found that they like to have a business page name that is different from their personal profile on Facebook. So, you might add a descriptive word (art, fine art, paintings, sculpture, photography) to go with your name, like these artists have done:

Charlotte B. DeMolay Art Studio
Mark Yearwood Abstract Art
Mary Claire Studios
The Art of Hallie Mack

Artists Fan Pages on Facebook

Step 5: Type in the name of your fan page and Click on Create Official Page

While I publish this as for beginners, I would also urge non-beginners to create a fan page — for the same for reasons I outlined above.

Be sure to read what the 3 most critical items are for your page.

Coming up: I’ll show you how to turn friends from your personal page into fans for your Facebook professional page.

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