Need Motivation? Ask “Why?”

WHY do you want to show at this or that gallery?
WHY do you want to sell more art?
WHY do you want to register for a class?

Motivation requires motive.

If you don’t know why you want to accomplish certain things, you’re going to have a hard time prioritizing and moving forward.

Take time to identify your reason for wanting something in your life and then, write it down.

Write down your motives.

It isn’t good enough that they’re in your head. You need to be very clear on why you want to sell more art, see your work in a museum, get a new commission, or acquire a teaching position.

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7 comments to Need Motivation? Ask “Why?”

  • Thank you for the time you commit to your blog. I get so much from reading all of your posts and I try to take it all to “heart” and implement as much as I can. I will answer these questions this weekend for myself. They are good questions to ponder.

  • For me it is less about motivation than about energy. When I think abut it, I realize that the lack of energy overwhelms the motivation as mind and body clamor for much needed rest. Sadly, this rest is not going to happen soon and it’s got to be enough that I just hang on for now and continue to recognize that the demands of the present are not permanent.

  • Excellent points Alyson. Actually writing down goals and motivations is in itself a great motivator, and will provide clarity. This isn’t an easy task. However, understanding more clearly will’ in turn, help build a strong foundation for success. Until an artist knows why they’re doing something, they’re more likely to create a cycle of futile attempts, frustrations and failures.

  • Hi Alyson
    I am so motivated by all that I learned taking ‘Blog Triage’, ‘Blast OFF’, ‘Cultivating Your Collectors’, and ‘GO! Get Organized’.

    I am dedicated to going over my notes and I keep getting more **and more** inspired!

    I invest at least one hour of studio time each morning writing to clarify my current direction…I love it, it’s amazing how getting clearer brings it nearer 😉 And I never miss my gratitudes at days end.

    The work you bring to the world rocks…Imho…I do believe you are the Queen of motivation.

  • Great points, Alyson. I’ve been reading a lot of Brian Tracy lately, and it really is true, writing it down makes *all* the difference!

  • Bob Ragland

    I have a saying about motivation.
    I tell people, I am motivated by Excel Energy and Safeway.
    It gets a laugh. I am serious.
    When the furnice comes on , I don’t cringe, I know through my hustle all year, I will have the dough to pay the bill.
    I have at all times, an ArtBank of many works to sell, if I have to raise some cash. I make the art no matter what, sales or no sales.
    I sell my own work.
    I can do a better job than most galleries.
    I have a personal stake in me. I like to heat and eat.
    My furniture does not do to well on the sidewalk.
    Bob Ragland.