Texting and Tweeting Shortcuts for Artists

I submit the following shortcuts for artists who text and tweet.

LTA = Love that Art
LTP = Love that Painting/Photograph/Print
LTS = Love that Sculpture
LTJ = Love that Jewelry
(you get the gist)

OMP! = Oh My Picasso! (or whomever your art god is)

WMAOITS = Working My Ass Off In the Studio

PTHOOMA = Promoting the Hell Out of My Art

OBITS  = Oughtta Be in the Studio

GYAITS = Get Your Ass In the Studio

SWSD = Stop Whining, Start Doing

MGF = Must Get Food (when you just can’t tear yourself away from the studio)

CC = Copycat (you know who I’m talking about)

PBN = Paint By Numbers

TMTOT = Too Much Time on Twitter

TMTOFB = Too Much Time on Facebook

TMTOE = Too Much Time on Etsy

NTBM = Not To Be Missed

MS = Must See

VI = Very Interesting (when you don’t have anything else to say about it)

DDIYBM = Don’t Do It Yourself, Buy Mine

WWAD = What Would Alyson Do? (Lots of artists tell me they invoke my spirit in certain situations.)

Care to leave your own?

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