Artist Statement E-Book Now On Kindle

Artist Statement E-BookMy e-book, The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement, is now available in the Amazon Kindle store for $9.99.

Get it here.

The $24 PDF version from my site includes a Microsoft Word document for you to journal in on your computer, which is not available through Kindle.

IRBITS on Kindle

A Kindle version of I’d Rather Be in the Studio is in the works, but probably won’t be released before the new, expanded edition comes out this spring.

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  • Alyson, You are awesome. Not only do we all benefit from your teaching / sharing, but also from watching your career. It is inspiring that you keep up with the technology in order to spread your message. Without your voice, I would have never started in the blog direction and now, although I am always technically stumped, it is a great passion. THANK YOU!