Share Your Profile Instantly with Other Blog Commenters

The Art Biz Blog has a new feature that I hope you’ll take advantage of and, perhaps, install on your own blog.

First, a Review

If you’ve left a comment on this blog, you’ve noticed that some people have their pictures next to their comments and others don’t.

If you are one of those who remain faceless, it’s not because we want it that way. It’s not a secret society of blog commenters. Everyone (yes, even you) can add a picture to their comments.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account at Gravatar and upload your photo. Whenever you leave a comment on WordPress blogs that use avatars, your picture will show up along with your comment. The only caveat is that you must use the same email address with your comment that you use with Gravatar.

Go on, sign up.

Now, the Fun New Stuff

At least I think it’s fun.

I installed a plugin called Gravatar Hovercards. Whenever you put your cursor over an image next to a comment, the picture cocks to the left and his or her Gravatar profile appears.

You can read more about people who comment and find out how to connect with them further without leaving the page.

The reverse is also true. People can learn about you instantly – as long as you follow the directions below.

Complete Your Gravatar Profile

If you, like I, never completed your Gravatar profile, you’d better go do that. You don’t want your Hovercard to be empty!

Sign in to your Gravatar account and go to My Account/Edit My Profile. Fill out the short “About Me” blurb and add your links. While you’re there, tweak your Display Name so that your full, professional name shows up next to your comments.

All of this takes about 5 minutes.

Add This Feature to Your Blog

Hovercards come with the new Jetpack plugin, which WordPress has made available to self-hosted sites (previously only for users). To install this plugin, just go to plugins/add new plugin and do a search for Jetpack. Install and activate.

I hope you enjoy this feature on the Art Biz Blog. My favorite part of what I do is connecting you with other artists and I think this is just one more way to do that.


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