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Blog for yourself and you’ll attract collectors

RT @johntunger: If you use @Etsy, you should read this article: Can Rob Kalin Scale Etsy? Some very good points made.

I’m giving a workshop on Long Island October 1-2 – in Bohemia! I will LOVE saying I did a workshop in Bohemia!

Marketing is everything you do to gain recognition for your art. Need a review?

How to place “older” art on your website

Twitter BirdA preview of what you’ll see if you come to my Golden wkshp in October

7 Deadly Sins of Creativity via @joshlinkner:

RT @originalimpulse: Blog Triage class star Nanci Hersch Be an inspiring blogger too.

#Artists: Save the date. November 5 art marketing workshop in Philly.

April 15 deadline for arts fest in my hometown of Golden, CO. Come see us!

Artists giving their best social media tips on my FB page. Share yours:

In this podcast on Creative Liberty blog, I talk about getting comfortable promoting your art

All members of #artistsconspire get the new social media chapter of my book. Free!

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