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A few gems you might have missed if you looked away my Twitter stream.

Chronic Creative Promiscuity (CCP) defined by @robertgenn

Love the way these rotating images on artist’s home page go together

I thought I was a pretty sophisticated Googler until I read this article. Very helpful. RT @kermitrocks

Twitter BirdRT @debtrotter: @abstanfield I use NextGen Gallery on WP. Sorry 4 the late reply-Remodeling the studio! <Thx, Deb. Ur awesome Conspirator

Does your email blast have too many personal pronouns in it? Make sure you’re speaking to the recipients

RT @tonyrobbins: “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. It’s that simple.” Earl Nightingale What’s your plan??

Photoshop training for artists via @isabelforbes

Art at least should “slap you in the head, wake you up” – Joyce Scott, Craft in America @pbs

Wise Stamp can help you create a signature block for your web-based emails & include social media apps

Are you prepared for an emergency? @craftemergency blogs about artists affected by tornadoes #follow now has volume dicounts – nice for artists who want their catalogs in quantity

RT @CCMFeltHats: 8 words to never put in your Twitter bio via @GuyKawasaki <I agree with ALL. U know I despise “unique”!

RT @gapingvoid: I see it again and again: People expecting world-changing, creative solutions that don’t require any risk on their part<Yes!

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