Repeated, Yet Fresh: Vary Your Marketing Angle

Guest blogger: Marcia Yudkin

When you have a new product or an upcoming event, you can’t tell your list about it just once.

Vary your angle.  Lead into it differently each time.  Use this checklist to pitch repeatedly without boring or annoying your email recipients.

1. Hit on a different benefit in each message.

2. Elaborate on different content points.

3. Tie in to something in the news.

4. Provide a little sample.

5. Highlight a testimonial or case study.

6. Describe the fit with a specialized situation.

7. Relate to something in a book, article, blog or movie.

8. Offer tips or resources.

9. Discuss a common objection and counter it in depth.

10. Invite questions from those on the fence.

11. Report related studies or survey results.

12. Warn against a common mistake.

13. Expound on something that surprises people.

14. Talk about emotional impact.

15. Sketch a revealing scenario, with dialogue.

16. Present a test-yourself quiz.

17. Tell a relevant historical story.

18. Use comparisons to make statistics come alive.

They might see what you’re up to, but you’ll have kept readers engaged – preventing opt-outs and boosting sales.

Marcia YudkinMarcia Yudkin helps you reframe marketing as a creative adventure. She is the author of 15 books and the e-zine The Marketing Minute, where this article first appeared. It was so good that I asked Marcia to share it with my readers. Subscribe to The Marketing Minute here. (It’s one newsletter I never miss!)

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2 comments to Repeated, Yet Fresh: Vary Your Marketing Angle

  • Eve

    Thanks Marcia – we will be doing some of these! Number 1 is especially useful for us but will be coming back time and time again to review this list and take away some more! Cheers E.

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