Twitter Tweekly from @abstanfield

I present to you the cream of the crop from my Twitter tweets from the past couple of weeks.

Artist statement generator via @isabelforbes

via @marciasmantras > Aude aliquid dignu=Dare something worthy < can’t think of a better motto than that

Back issues of @ProArtistMag available on CD

Yippee! 2 more people signed up for my Golden workshop in Oct. I cap it at 60.

Twitter BirdWatching awesome video of Robert Irwin/his work @art21

RT @danielsroka Art Rule #1. When in doubt, flip it over. (Seriously, this works way too often.)

Cynthia Morris shares why she’s coming to my CO workshop this fall. @originalimpulse

It’s absolutely okay to revisit old blog posts, but DO update them and make them fresh. Some content needs to be repeated. @VTurnerArt

Sculptor’s work copied and in corporate collection in CA now has volume dicounts – nice for artists who want their catalogs in quantity

RT @shaboom: Wise you: How to tap into what you already know about success <Amen!

PS Print has a sale on postcards through 7/31 @psprint

U should watch video of Cy Twombly’s work



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