A Single, Focused Call to Action

I forgot to say one very important thing when I wrote about the benefits of last-minute marketing.

In order for your last-minute marketing message to work, it must have a single choice – a single call to action.

Angela Bounds, Keeping Watch

Angela Bounds, Keeping Watch. 12 x 12 inches. ©The Artist

If you’re mucking up your marketing message by adding too much to it, you won’t be effective.

Too many choices in your message can lead to confusion and indecision, which results in no action at all.

One Message

Focus your last-minute marketing message.

What is it that you want people to do upon receiving it? Let’s assume your message is in an email.

If you want people to attend an opening, purchase an artwork on sale, or help fund your Kickstarter project:

  1. Provide all details necessary to entice someone to click.
  2. Use a terrific image that illustrates your point.
  3. Link to a special page or blog post with specific how-to information and instructions. When you link to generic Home pages, recipients have to search and you’re likely to lose their attention.

Got it? A single call to action. No choices. Focused message.


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