There Aren’t Enough Read Hours

I had a book order from Australia for 6 books.

I told the purchaser that I could ship 7 books for the same price of 6. I told her I’d add the 7th copy and she could give it away to a deserving artist.

She did.

She handed it over to Ken Munsie as a birthday gift.

Then Ken created a sculpture inspired by my book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio. The title, There Aren’t Enough Read Hours, is a take-off from one of the excuses I want to help artists overcome in my book: “There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day to Do It All.”

Ken Munsie Sculpture

Ken Munsie, There Aren't Enough Read Hours. Rescued material, handmade paper, 10 inches cubed.

When I asked about the sculpture, Ken wrote:

Yes over the past weeks I have been burying myself in your book – I’d Rather Be in the Studio – It’s been a long read – as each page has given me so much to think about … many underlines and notes in the sleeves … now it’s time to go back and collate all my thoughts.

Thank you so very much for switching on the lights !!!

I coordinate a group of artworkers here in Maleny – Sunshine Coast of Queensland – Australia … there are 220 artists on my database … I send out a weekly e-newsletter with listings of awards, funding, exhibitions etc. plus we have a website and each year I run two themed exhibitions.

Our last exhibition was titled “Maleny Image 8: between the lines.” The artist had to create a piece based on a book they had read … mine was based on your book.

The exhibition was held in our local book store and it was a great success with many pieces – including mine – selling.

Ken added to his statement about the sculpture:

It’s a tight juggling act – being a committed artist and being a successful business person.
Most of us prefer staying in the studio lost in our creative thoughts and working on our artworks, rather than putting ourselves out there promoting our art and running our business. In this book Alyson takes us through the process of successfully doing both.

No big lessons here. Just something really cool that happened as a result of my giving away a copy of my book to someone unknown.


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