Rework Your Artist Statement with 3 Answers

Aside from your contact list, your artist statement is your most useful marketing tool.

You will use language from your statement for wall labels, brochure text, website text, informal presentations, conversations and more.

The process of writing your statement – and it is a process – will help you gain clarity about your art. You should continually review and hone the language you use to talk or write about your art.

David Bender sculpture

©2010 David Bender, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Stainless steel, hardware, cast beeswax, cast paper, cherry, 48 x 80 x 2 inches (as a triptych).

Answering three basic questions will get you on track for a stronger artist statement.

1. What do you want people to see in your work?

2. What is a distinguishing characteristic of your art?

3. Based on your conversations, what do people find delightful or surprising about your art?

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