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There are some real gems in here.

RT @PublicityHound: Facebook drops the 25 fan requirement to set your vanity URL. RT @BrandYou via @FauziaBurke

Loving these sculptures in Venice <apparently sculptures were “arrested” by the police

The ABI blog from @American_Made looks fantastic!

Fun! World’s most bizarre houses Kinda partial to 12. via @DfwArtistsVoice

Twitter BirdRead Sarah Douglas’ long, deft profile of the great art dealer Paula Cooper

Thx to @clintavo for pointing out this article on “Exposure” for artists

So far all commenters on my FB page love the 9/11 memorial. Chime in:

Proof that if you want to build BIG art, you have to collaborate and compromise. 9/11 memorial

Just changed my FB email and password for security. When’s the last time you changed your FB pw?

The myth of artists & money via @lunajaffe @ArtsyShark

fr @manifestcookies “Your life is an occasion, rise to it.” – Mr. Magorium

Questions to ask when preparing to install your exhibit

These are SO cool if you have an iPhone 4 or want to give as a gift. Blank canvas backs for phones

How to get started on Google+ fr @chrisbrogan

“Art viewing is nothing if not a connection between two minds, in my opinion. “- @edwardwinkleman

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