Money-Savvy Artist Tip #1: Stay On Top of Your Account Balances

Guest blogger Luna Jaffe offers 4 money-savvy tips for artists on Finance Fridays during the month of October.

Small Steps

Check your bank and credit card statements daily or weekly to avoid surprises and remain money-savvy.

You can use the online tools offered by your bank or try the free access at Mint.

Look for anything you don’t recognize or disagree with (like fees!) and follow up.

Note items that have cleared in your check register.

Money-Savvy Benefits

The more often you check, the less cumbersome each session will be. These small steps add up.

You know where you are with your financial health, which allows you to make more conscious decisions about spending and saving.

Luna Jaffe©2011 Luna Jaffe. Luna is the CEO of Lunaria Financial, Ltd. Her background as a professional artist and psychotherapist richly inform her work helping clients achieve their financial goals. She offers investment management, financial planning, money coaching, and classes.

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