12 Artist Resolutions to Steal for 2012

One of my first-ever free gifts for subscribers to my newsletter was a list of Artist Resolutions.

Today – being January 1 and all – seems like as good a time as any to update and share.

Steal and adapt what feels true to you.

Artist Resolutions

RESOLVE to try a different color.
RESOLVE to experiment with a new media.

RESOLVE to take a class, read another book, watch an art documentary.
RESOLVE to expand my knowledge of art.

RESOLVE to share my art with more people.
RESOLVE to write more about my art.

RESOLVE to find my own path.

RESOLVE to stop whining about not having enough time.

RESOLVE to say No to those things that are not important to me or that get in the way of what I want to be.

RESOLVE to stop fiddle-farting around on the Internet or with the TV remote control and start dedicating myself 100% to my life’s work.

RESOLVE to stop playing it safe.
RESOLVE to take risks.

Happy New Year!


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