Tax-deductible Crowdsourced Funding through Artspire

Artists of all disciplines need to know about Artspire.

I include here information from their press release, from which I’ve tried to extract the key elements.

Launched last fall by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), is a new community website that empowers individual artists and organizations anywhere in the country to support their work with tax-deductible Artspirecontributions while building entrepreneurship and creating a robust social network of supporters.

With Artspire, artists can leverage the power of crowdsourced funding to galvanize and expand their roster of followers, thus building sustained financial backing for their work.

Artists connecting with Artspire will find a virtual home that combines innovative technology with hands-on personal support to provide a critical suite of resources and services that are easily accessible throughout the fundraising process.

“Artspire is one of NYFA’s most important digital initiatives and the most significant change in the program’s history,” said Royce.  “By giving artists the tools they need to expand their audience and find new funding sources, the site positions them to fully actualize their entrepreneurial potential and enables them to create an inter-connected online community that is invested in their long term success.”

All applications undergo a rigorous review process by a panel of fellow artists and industry professionals. This process ensures that projects accepted by Artspire are professional, well-conceived, and of high artistic merit. Acceptance into the program is a seal of approval for corporate, foundation, government and individual donors and assures funders that all donations are being spent appropriately.

Artspire welcomes artists from all disciplines, including fine art, photography, music, film/video, theatre, dance and performance, the written word, architecture/design and computer arts/new media. Each artist in the program has an individual page on, enabling the artist to post a full project description, upload images, video and audio clips, and regular progress updates.

Sculptor and installation artist Michelle Jaffe, who had been sponsored by NYFA before the Artspire launch says, “The site has been really helpful to me as it legitimizes the project, especially when asking for donations. I never felt I could fundraise from my personal contacts and friends until this kind of official site was up.”

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