Twitter Tweekly for April 1 2012

No fooling on this April 1! These are my juiciest tweets from the past two weeks.

Finally, Nude Art Tours… via @hyperallergic

Revealing emails show how THE top art dealer deals NYT #ruthless #unethical

The world art market is a $60.8billion market via @artnet

WORLD art market = $60.8billion, US military budget = $739.3billion (12x world art market economy)

Find Alyson Stanfield @abstanfield on TwitterInteresting tale of Nazi-stolen Monet. NYT

#ArtsJournal: How Arts Criticism Needs to Change: “Criticism today is not about delivering truths from on high, … via @TopArtNews

Making Art

RT @ArtsyShark Unbelievable – woven garments actually made of spider silk!

RT @mariabrophy 10 years after graduation, on the average more than 99% of art graduates no longer make art at all…

Does your work show that you care? Sincerity via @ThisIsSethsBlog


The other best way to find typos in your newsletter/writing is to read out loud @lisacall @lauraloveslux

Are you wondering, “How to Get An Article About Your Work!”…

Crowdfunding for artists NYT

Don’t forget to take excellent installation shots of your exhibits and file those as you would your art inventory

Social Media

Marketer’s guide to new FB pages via @neilpatel

Facebook milestone photo measurements: Width: 843 pixels. Height: 403 pixels.

Advantages for Artists Using Twitter Art # Hashtags via @johnrmath

Art Biz Coach Goings-On

RT @LezleyDavidson: Art Biz Blog recommends saving 2 years salary before quitting your job for your art career. Wow. #thatsalot <Yep!

Get Organized students on Pinterest board – with their permission

My updated workshop schedule for 2012 CO, DE, IL, TX, WY

Art Biz Blog ranks #16 in art blogs at 2 slots behind @makingamark2 < Congrats, Katherine!

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1 comment to Twitter Tweekly for April 1 2012

  • William R Moore

    “WORLD art market = $60.8billion, US military budget = $739.3billion (12x world art market economy)”
    Is civilization advancing or retreating? Sad.