It Feels Good to Improve That Blog !


More than two dozen artists spent the last month tweaking and writing their way to a better blog in the Blog Triage class I used to teach with Cynthia Morris.

Blog Triage Graduates

Here’s a look at our graduates’ blogs. Many of them focused on one area or another and have the knowledge and motivation to finish up on their own.

Isadora Arielle, Port Townsend, Washington

Sarah Atlee, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Amadea Bailey, Los Angeles, California

Stacey-Ann Cole, Peterborough, United Kingdom

Janice Earhart, Morrison, Colorado

Frances Clements Fawcett, Port Townsend, Washington
Frances’s site crashed in the middle of class! She’s rebuilding at her website, linked here.

Robin Fingher, Perth, Australia

Suzanne Gibbs, Tustin, California

Jaime Howard, Jacksonville, Florida

Julie Johnston, Packwood, Iowa

Karen LeGault, Oakland, California

Kevan Lunney, East Brunswick, New Jersey

Vickie Martin, Decatur, Georgia

Mary Ellen Merrigan, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Barbara Parish, Hesperia, California

MJ Russell, Charlotte, Vermont

Doris Sanders, Denver, Colorado

Lynda Schlosberg, Boston, Massachusetts

Linda Steele, Victoria, Australia

Janice Tanton, Canmore, AB, Canada

Fay Terry, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Jill Thoreson, Webster City, Iowa

Janet Vanderhoof, Morgan Hill, California

Sandra Verhoog, The Hague, Netherlands

Andrea Wedell, France

Kristina Wentzell, Keene, New Hampshire

Janine Whitling, Queensland, Australia

You might have missed out on this full-service session, but it’s never too late to give your blog a little TLC.

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4 comments to It Feels Good to Improve That Blog !

  • It was a great class! Alyson and Cynthia were great, and the lessons were packed full with information. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people (and blogs) in the process! Highly recommend Alyson’s classes (webinars, newsletter), and all.

  • Just visited all these sites (NB. a couple of links didn’t work or the site loaded too slowly) and I subscribed to four of them. It’s fascinating to see how differently everyone approaches their work and their online presence, and I thought it might be helpful to your bloggers to hear the motivations for each subscription.

    Obviously behind all choices was a response to the artwork, but the other reasons are more subtle. One site was quite difficult to navigate but the ABOUT page was interesting, the artist was local and I’d like to see how her blog and career progress. Another site was professionally designed and I thought we could learn from her presentation and well-organised blog schedule. Two used a simple template but lots of bright images of their work coupled with natural, friendly commentary on the inspiration, setting and motivation for their work. And, for nearly all, a photo, video or some way to connect with the blogger as a real person made a big difference.

    We are also learning the ropes when it comes to creating a visually effective and interesting website and allocating enough time to work on it. I look forward to seeing what lands in my inbox to give us inspiration!

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