Twitter Tweekly for June 17 2012

Happy Father’s Day to all of you amazing dads out there. Thank you for being good role models for your kids and loving them in this crazy world.

Happy Father’s Day to MY dad, too. Whatever patience I have is thanks to him. And this may be the first year ever that I can out-tomato him in the garden. (Though it’s an unfair race since all of his succumbed to wilt.)

Just a quick post to catch you up on some of my top tweets from the past couple of weeks.

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RT @DanielPink: Self-Organized Bailout Funds for Artists Who’ve Hit Rocky Patches . . .

Reminded by @wtek that we’re halfway thru the year. Are you halfway thru your goals?

Making Art

It’s important to change to protect your freedom – Henri Matisse via John Elderfield @stillmuseum

The absence of limitations is the enemy of art -Orson Wells via John Elderfield @stillmuseum

“It takes courage to make a mark” via @lauraloveslux on my FB wall. Yes!

Thinking abt this work-play post by @lisacall which dovetails nicely into my newsletter for next week

Go over to iTunes and listen to @DanielPink Office Hours podcast w/ @jonahlehrer on creativity. Good stuff!

Marketing & Business

Looking for art biz audio? Still a library of Art Marketing Action podcasts on iTunes. Free. Enjoy!

Conspiracy member says person bought her art from a gallery and was following her on Twitter w/i 15 minutes!

WordPress 3.4 Allows HTML,links in captions!

via @agoodhusband: 9 great artist websites – use these as examples of what works! #followart #marketing

Never begin a blog post or a newsletter with “I’m sorry it’s been so long”

Yes, you should distinguish b/t Sold and Available work on your site @VTurnerArt Any way you can

7 marketing sins via @ThisIsSethsBlog

BTW @VTurnerArt in my book I suggest using “Private Collection” instead of SOLD next to a piece of fine art on your site. Classy.

Paonia, CO has an art lending library for 4 months at a time

I like this article on writing complete outlines for your articles via @Paul_Wolfe

A Request from Me

Anyone know of a site or two that allows artists to sell e-cards? I’d especially love to know if you use one that you really like.

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5 comments to Twitter Tweekly for June 17 2012

  • Re: RT @DanielPink: Self-Organized Bailout Funds for Artists Who’ve Hit Rocky Patches . . .

    Thanks for spreading the word about artists’ financial assistance! I would like to point out, however, that CERF+ doesn’t offer assistance to all artists, specifically photographers. While there are professional organizations for commercial photographers, fine art photographers are left out in the cold. Do you know of any aid orgainzations for fine art photographers? Thanks, Alyson!

  • AC

    Hi ALyson,
    Fine art photographers can apply for the Siskind grant or the NYFA. Both give generous assistance within the medium.

    • Hi, AC
      The Aaron Siskind grant isn’t for emergency relief – it’s for artist/project development and only opens for applications once per year. Agencies like CERF+ allow applications on an on-going basis for artists’ emergency relief. I’d like to have a couple of resources in my database “just-in-case.”

      • Jackie: Are none of the others in that article available to photographers?

        • Hi, Alyson
          The only grantor listed that will service fine art photographers is the Mayer Foundation, but it’s not strictly for artists. Literally anyone can apply and they don’t even acknowledge receipt of unsolicited applications. Having been a grant writer, the last thing I like is for my proposal to go into a black hole. The other two foundations listed service only those attached to the literary industry. Any other resources that you know of would be great to have. Thanks!