The Month Ahead at Art Biz Coach

I thought I’d let you in on some of the things that are happening in the Art Biz Coach offices over the next 30 days.

Live Teleseminar: Grant Writing

Gigi Rosenberg and I have been talking about doing a teleseminar since her book, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing, was published. We’re making it happen now!

The Secrets to Winning Grant Proposals for Artists is taking place this coming Tuesday – September 18. If you want to know whether or not grants are for you and how you might go about getting one, read about this program.

Live Workshops in Texas and Illinois

September 21-22 :: Art Biz Lift Off in Midland, Texas

October 19-20 :: Shameless Self-Promotion in Naperville, IL

Artist Conspiracy

My Conspirators are working on Multiple Streams of Income right now. Next month (they don’t know this yet!) they will focus on becoming more articulate advocates of their art when our focus is Speaking.

See what the Conspiracy is all about.

Art Biz Coach Online Class: Cultivate Collectors

The last sessions of my rotating classes has begun! Blast Off finished up on September 28 and Cultivate Collectors begins October 10.

If you’re curious, read why I will no longer be teaching these classes.


I recently joined a high-level mastermind group and I’m about to burst with excitement over our first live meeting the last week of September. More travel! I promise to share more details about this amazing experience soon.


Website redesign – I’m behind on this! I had wanted to tackle it in late July. This is on the back burner for now, but will come to the fore when I start revealing my new direction for 2013.

The Usual: Weekly newsletter, blog posts, social media updates, . . . and all of the rest.

The Unusual: Cementing my big plans to provide a much higher level of service to clients who want to grow their art businesses!

What do you have going on in the next 30 days?


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13 comments to The Month Ahead at Art Biz Coach

  • Hi Alyson!
    In the next 30 days I will redesing my website, to reflect some of the tips described in your blog, such as showing sell prices of each picture.
    I you or any of your readers wants to browse the website and give some advice… you are more than welcome!
    from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Thank you for asking, Alyson. Your offerings sound wonderful.
    On the 21st I will attend my reception for the invitational Collaboration Exhibit at MS Rezny Gallery in Lexington, KY. The next reception for the juried “Horizon: Contemporary Landscape” show at Community Art Center in Danville, KY. (a side note, the VP debate will be held at Centre College there). The big focus is preparing for my 4th annual Open House, my largest event of the year, first weekend of November. I will be finished with your last Blast Off class by then. I am meeting with my collage buddy and having a scheduled check in with my CC partner. I also want to update my site and start a newsletter, but these things keep getting pushed back as opportunities I can’t refuse come knocking.
    Best of luck with all your endeavors and thanks for passing on what you learn to us.

  • Alyson, I’ve been a fan of yours well before FaceBook! You remain a credible and trustworthy source for artists focused on growing their business. I always delight in your latest news and look forward to hearing about your plans for 2013!

  • kathy

    Going crazy! I am now in the ranks of the unemployed. I will use this gift of time to:
    Finally set up a space in my studio apt. for my watercolor painting.
    Check out new classes being offered in my area.
    Master several techniques I’ve just learned that will help me on two of my projects.
    Devote 4-6 hours daily to my novel writing
    Re-connect with family and friends that you can’t stay close to while doing the 9-5.
    Stretch my savings amap. (as much as possible)
    If neither my art or novel sell within two years, get another job.
    Prayers for my guidance and prayers for my success would be appreciated.

    • Kathy: Sorry to hear about the day job.

      In your notes here, I read no mention of marketing. How will you be marketing your art?

      • kathy kolada

        Not until February! Right now the novel writing has been pushed front and center;
        there’s a contest sponsered by Amazon and Penguin Publishing for the type of manuscript I was already working on. The prize is $15,000 and publication in 2013.
        Currently I’m writing 40 hrs weekly, painting 12 hrs.
        Once it’s been submitted, I’ll use my membership in the local art assoc, my contacts at the Senior Center and at church for display space, and launch a website and blog.
        Today, the day job seemed easier!

  • I’ve been reading and goal setting and trying to move my art forward for at least 8-10 months or so. I could have become depressed, but I have followed your advice. I recently had a very successful show, was invited into a new gallery, and have had a very good week. I will be painting a lot for the next month as I get ready for several more shows, doing a commission I received at my show, and making some adjustments on my website.

    Your future sounds busy and productive. Good luck on all.

  • Maybe this was addressed….what if you have used your name for many years and have a following and don’t want to loose them with a change? Can you get them on board with a name change? Also, I have a writer friend that uses S. before her name and you have to really know her to know what the S. stands for. She did it after a divorce and went back to her maiden name. But it peeks intrest.