Twitter Tweekly for October 21 2012

A carefully curated selection of my top tweets from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!


@TraciBunkers Look into MailChimp 4 sure for RSS delivery via email

RT @ArtbizKimBruceThis one sentence has 4 searchable terms in it and informs your #artists site visitors about who you are.

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Social Media

The complete guide to the language of Facebook via @Zite

5 Top Tips for Timing Facebook Posts via @Zite

Use Instagram to promote your #art via @PublicityHound

From The Archives

Arts agencies need artists. My advice…

How to invite friends to your email list

He did pretty well when he gave his art away. Art Biz Blog archives

Art Stuff

RT @markmcguinness: 5 Famous Artists Who Tried to Destroy Their Own Work

Don’t leave your work unsigned via @robertgenn

Client I had strategy session w/ last month already has local magazine feature. It was something we discussed. Yay!

RT @HarrieteE The conventional white tent of craft shows seems stuck in time and is getting left behind by contemporary merchandising.

What’s the dif b/t “art business” and “art career”. Pls tell me what you think on my FB pg

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1 comment to Twitter Tweekly for October 21 2012

  • These are great articles to read and keep in mind.
    I have a question for Alyson or anyone else out there in this art business – is there something going on with facebook and business pages? I’ve picked up the impression that facebook is now charging for a certain kind of post that was free till now. Is that enough info for a response? I know no more and am wondering what I’m doing that will illicit an invoice. Should I worry?