Twitter Tweekly for December 9 2012

Intvw w/ @JudithBriles re turning your art and writing into a business

Be aware of the Rule of Reciprocity via @MorningEdition

We teach people how to treat us. via @christinekane I was just saying this to my troubled cousin the other day

What are your best ideas for getting rid of earlier work that you can’t sell or reuse? Tell me on FB

Follow Alyson on TwitterAmid all of the Cyber Monday emails in my inbox was “Hello beautiful person” fr Refreshing!

In My Experience

Go through old notes and notebooks. I’ll bet you have what you already need.

It’s never easy to end a business relationship, but it’s a must if it’s costing you money or time

Please don’t email me to tell me you have a new blog post. Instead, tell me why I should click there. What’s in it for me?

Think twice before you send an email telling someone what they did wrong

Email has a shorter shelf life, which means it’s easy to delete and forget about. Yay for snail mail!

One of my biggest regrets is when I waste someone else’s time-esp because I didn’t read instructions

Save yourself from future headaches and date everything: your notes, your art (in the records), your communication, etc.

Artist presentation last night is cautionary tale: Leave ’em wanting more! Don’t go WAY over time allotted no matter how good you are

People: Your URL does not have an @ sign in it

An ! at the end of your weak subject line doesn’t make it more exciting

Consistent Effort + Measured Results + Tweaking What Isn’t Working = Success!

The Art World

RT @HarrieteE It is time that artists and makers did their research before spending their money on bad shows that are not attracting buyers.

Interview with a Photography Collector — How to Get Your Work in Front of a Collector via @Zite

Good wsj story about rising art stars

Best artwork of the year: Clint Eastwood’s chair performance? via @artinfo

Art in the Aftermath: Unpacking the Flooded Art Party with Artists Charlotte Kidd and Z Behl via @art21

This is so neat! Watch video of Ann Hamilton’s installation. Wld love to experience it

One way to get your art in a museum: wear it there!


8 reasons to hate the art world

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