Twitter Tweekly for June 16 2013

It’s really the “Bi-Tweekly,” but that doesn’t sound as good. Here are some of my most useful tweets from the past two weeks.

Biz & Social Media Stuff

Are you prepared? Something to think abt via @chrisbrogan

This @HarvardBiz article has me thinking abt customer and art EXPERIENCES

@abstanfield on TwitterWhat to do with your intern via @HarvardBiz

Are you not paying your interns? Ruling could affect legality

Thoughts on measuring Facebook engagement… via @allfacebook

I love this in @DeanKrosecz1 Twitter bio: “aspires to be your favorite person ever”

Art Stuff

Love concept of Tavern of the Fine Arts in St Louis @TavernFineArts @jschoultzmudd

RT @artnet: Did you know that the top 5% of dealers could now account for more than half the market’s overall value?

MT @artnet: We took a closer look at the art market for James Turrell vs. S&P 500

#Artist grid cards. Cool idea!…

Artist book club via @AnArtLife

“The best work is still tomorrow’s, not the past.” – artist Hung Liu

“Artists feed off artists” – Robert Mangold talks abt working with Sol LeWitt at MoMA in the 60s via @art21

If you have any doubt that art is selling, read these Brags on my FB page

Fr one of my Bootcampers who has lots on her plate: “I plan to amaze myself!” That sounds like the perfect mantra to adopt

I want to help you think like an entrepreneur #artists

New pin board for artists who come to my workshop in Golden on Oct 11-12

Just Really Cool Stuff

Cool. Eiffel Tower as musical instrument via @nytimesarts

Terribly clever, creative video fr @originalimpulse Maybe give you some ideas

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