Twitter Tweekly for July 28 2013

I write the Tweekly every two weeks not just for you, but to collect a few gems in one place – before they’re lost.

Hope you get some traction from one or two of these.

8 must-have books for collectors via @artsy… I’ve read 0 of these

Big mailing? Send it to yourself first so you can see what it looks like after the PO gets hold of it #artbizidea

Publishing is a process. Nobody writes a publishable article on the first draft. Schedule your writing and editing time wisely.

This guy really knows how to stage an artist event Bravo @mattleblancart #artists

Follow Alyson on TwitterYour homeowners insurance probably doesn’t cover your #art business. You need supplemental. Look into it!

Your artist bio gets to the point. It’s not a place for you to share everything you’ve ever done or get into your personal life.

Selling small works or reproductions with larger works? Great insights on this FB post

Why Millennials Don’t Want To Buy Stuff By Josh Allan Dykstra… via @FastCompany

Buh-Bye Auto DMs! via @rebeccacoleman

Man gets painting easel as gift and goes exploring. Darling commercial – stick with it to the end….

Tweet about someone else’s accomplishment just because you know how nice it is to be acknowledged.

A reminder that someone somewhere needs to receive your art. Moving story fr @johntunger…


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