Twitter Tweekly for October 20 2013

Let’s get right to my top tweets from the past two weeks.

Love this performance artist on #TED Hetain Patel: Who am I? Think again

Stand Up Bag from @evernote is brilliant…

One of my members shares how she gave herself a big challenge… @JanetVanderhoof

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Another delightful video fr Leslie Fry – drawing birds w/ help of the birds!

Alleged Copyright Theft Goes Viral –… via @ArtsyShark

7 Ways to Stop Fearing What Everyone Thinks of You via @Zite

Publicizing a 2-person show – who is responsible for what?…

82-y-o woman paints Central Park every day with no desire to sell… @nytimesarts

Awesome post by @originalimpulse re how she changed her financial life… I was there!

Please Come to My Art Show – funny… via @hyperallergic

Team Tweets from the Art Biz Makeover Workshop

Just had a impromptu dance party to Katy Perry’s song, Roar! -KO #DemonstratingAuthenticity #ArtBizCoachMakeover

Alyson challenged Workshop attendees to come up with 30 ways to earn extra $$ by 2014. Way to go Linda – who came up with 64 ideas! -KO

“What’s making you money verses what’s costing you money?” Alyson is talking about weighing and choosing opportunities strategically. – KO

This is the Room of Awesomeness! Thanks Helen Hiebert (and your rockstar daughter). I’m hanging a sign in my studio/office stat. -KO

What is your 1st step? Heard from the crowd: (have a drink!) Ha! I love this room! – KO, Team ABC #ArtBizMakeoverWorkshop

You will not get more until you appreciate what you have. Who is writing in their Gratitude Journal? -KO, Team ABC #ArtBizMakeoverWorkshop

Just heard at Makeover Workshop: “Money is an exchange of energy.” Nice one, Eric Fetsch! – KO, Team ABC

This is so cool – Alyson is doing a free Business Makeover for artist Victoria Veddell. If you were here – this could be you! – KO, Team ABC

Just heard at the Workshop: “Is the government not functioning right now because they didn’t take enough art classes?” – KO, Team ABC

@HollyWilsonArt – you are brilliant! We love your new line of jewelry and can’t wait to bring it to the table. -KO #ArtBizMakeoverWorkshop

We’re talking about branding right now. How do you already set yourself apart from other artists? – KO, Team ABC #ArtBizCoachMakeover

Pics fr day 1 of Art Biz Makeover posted here…


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