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I’ve had the fortune of nurturing fairly close relationships with artists in the virtual world since 2002.

Because I’ve been at it for so long, I have witnessed too many artists deal with illness – temporary, chronic, and fatal.

I feel hopelessly inept to provide any guidance for artists in these situations. Can you help?

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Deep Thought

Is it important to keep up your art when you are ill? I’m particularly interested in hearing from those who have dealt with chronic illness and worse.

How do you think beyond the current suffering?

Where do you find support?

What else do artists in these situations need to know about and understand?

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

UPDATE: As a result of this post, Janice Tanton has created this support group on Facebook:Artists With Illness. If you seek support, please send a request to join. If you know of someone who could benefit from it, please share the link.


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73 comments to Artists and Illness

  • Laurie, my heart aches to think that my comment caused you pain. I meant no judgment of your words, just to provide another view as we are all so different in this world, so different in what works for us.
    Your words may be the perfect ones for someone out there… mine, for someone else. I would not want you to take your words back, they are filled with the integrity of your experience, the essence of what has made you who you are to this point.They have value.
    Remember… if I brought in my words to bring balance to yours, mine must not stand alone either!
    As one of the many wonderful teaches I’ve had used to say, thank you for being me.

  • Victoria – thanks for being kinder than I was. Your words are beautiful, and I will remember that last quote from your teacher. We are all part of one another and formed by our interactions with each other – and that quote was a beautiful way of saying it

  • We are all learning here. I appreciate your contributions, Lin, Victoria, and Laurie. I know things can be misread and we are sensitive.

    I’m fairly certain that you want only the best for one another. I don’t want anyone to be afraid to share their experiences here. Please don’t let this keep you from contributing in the future. Someone, somewhere will benefit.

    Very grateful for you all.

  • Very grateful for you and your blog!

    It’s (obviously, I suppose) so thought provoking.