3 Artists Inspiring Me Right Now

If you’ve read chapter 14 of I’d Rather Be in the Studio you’d pick up some great ideas from artists who are promoting their work in creative ways. I love telling these stories and plan to keep sharing them with you as long as you let me.

Here are two more of the same ilk.


David Wiemers’ Videos

I love how comfortable David is with the camera and that he takes risks to be funny. These videos are a joy to watch.

Watch Brian Williams’ “interview with the artist” in the above video. Then check out the artist’s interview with himself in this home page video.

Photo of Kristina Wentzell

Kristina Wentzell in front of The Happy Camper


Kristina Wentzell’s The Happy Camper Kickstarter Success

Kristina was a star pupil of our Blog Triage class last year and funded The Happy Camper through Kickstarter. She no longer waits for people to come see her art. Instead, she takes art to the people – in her camper-turned-art-gallery!

First, you have to see the adorable video she produced for Kickstarter.

Then peek inside the camper.

This last inspirational story isn’t about self-promotion, but about an artist trying to lift up her entire community of artists.


Orlando Art ReviewRobin Maria Pedrero’s Orlando Art Review

Robin posted the first review on the Orlando Art Review blog on May 17, 2012 and she has been going strong with help from her artist-writers.  She said she was inspired by my 2012 post calling for artists to write more about the art in their communities. (I love that!)

In a tweet, Robin told me, “It is my goal with these art reviews to elevate the arts in Orlando, and bring awareness as to how wonderful the arts are here.”

How lucky those Orlando artists are!

Who is inspiring you right now?


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