Accept My Gratitude

I'm grateful for the full moon and the view.

I’m grateful for the full moon and the view.

If your ears burn from time to time, it’s because I’ve written down my gratitude for you. I’m thankful for your participation in my online community. That’s mostly what I wanted to tell you today. No big actions this week–just gratitude.

I’m grateful . . .

  • That you read my email even when your inbox is overflowing.
  • For your purchases, no matter how small, through my online store.
  • That you attend my workshops, where I get to meet you in person.
  • For your comments on this blog.
  • That you follow me on Twitter, friend me and become a fan on Facebook, and connect with me on LinkedIn.
  • That you help other artists you might meet in my classes or find on my blog.
  • For your energy, enthusiasm, and gifts to the world.
  • That I have this amazing job that I could never–in a million attempts at goal-setting–have imagined.
Thank you!

Thank you for being here and for helping to make it all happen.

To explore your gratitude more deeply this week

If you’ve been in my classes, you have been asked to write your gratitude list every day. Being thankful for what you have tells the Universe that you’re ready for more abundance. I’ve written a lot about gratitude in this newsletter and on the blog. Here are some posts from last year that might appeal.

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