Deep Thought Thursday: The Experts

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Deep Thought Thursday: Should the value of art be compared to a jet?

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Preparing for change (and loving it!)

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Of sharks and tribes

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A bright spot at SOFA Chicago

Good news to report! Having recently returned from SOFA* Chicago, Mark Levin writes:

SOFA Chicago [November 7-9] was very good, much better than the galleries expected. Setup was a little strange because it was so quiet and a little tense for no one knew what to expect. Once the doors opened on preview night it went gang busters.

The info on their home page is dead on, not just pr. Most encouraging was talking with buyers and collectors and hearing about the new homes that they’re building. The blue chips names were selling as well as the very pale blue chips.

I encourage you to read, watch and listen to the reports from SOFA. Smile and feel better that

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Tips on art marketing in this economy

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Deep Thought Thursday: Is there anything we can count on in the art market?

Damien Hirst has done it again. He’s defied tradition–this time by circumventing his galleries and offering new work for sale through Sotheby’s. New work. Never-before-owned work. This is quite an interesting turn of events in the contemporary art market. What does it mean? Read the article about Hirst and the Sotheby’s sale. (Thanks to Brian Kliewer for the heads up.)

We’ve known for years that things, because of the Internet, are changing in the art market. But we still can’t put a finger on it.

What can we count on? What will remain the same? What can we say goodbye to forever?

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