How to Decide What Marketing Tasks to Invest In

Brady Allen painting

Your marketing mix is a blend of actions you take – both online and offline – to promote your art.

Your ideal mix is your ideal mix and nobody else’s.

You have to figure out what works best for you. At the same time, all of the options for where to spend time and energy could drive a person batty.

©Brady Allen, Internecine. Oil, 32 x 48 inches. Used with permission.

Should you be on Twitter?

Should you start a business page on Facebook?

Should you purchase an ad?

I suggest considering 3 criteria for deciding whether or not to make a task part of your marketing mix.

1. You are seeing results.

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Conquering Newsletter Anxiety

Most artists start an e-newsletter with good intentions of staying in touch with their list.

They imagine a monthly newsletter with regular columns, special features, and a calendar of upcoming events. It starts out good enough, but then something goes wrong for some artists.

Shirley Williams recently sent opt-in requests to her list in order to comply with Canada’s anti-spam legislation. After I confirmed, I got this delightful reply. I thought the “VIP List” was a nice touch at the top.

It goes a little like this . . .

One newsletter goes out and contains every possible bit of information the artist can come up with. When it’s time for the next issue, the artist has nothing new to share. She gave all

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So You Don’t Feel Like Marketing

Pouting Kid

Remember when you were a kid and your mom asked you to clean your room or to pick up your toys? Remember the wrath that was imposed upon you when you replied to her request with a whiny “But I don’t feel like it, Mom”? It’s time to ask yourself if you’re being your same childlike stubborn self when it comes to marketing your art. Are you avoiding too many marketing tasks because you “don’t feel like it?”

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Implementing Is Worlds Beyond Knowing

Artists' Books

I start my live workshops and online classes by asking participants to monitor their thoughts. Alarms should go off whenever they find themselves thinking “Yeah, I already know that.” These are dangerous words – primarily because they are often used in place of action.

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13 Truths About Marketing Your Art

1. No one can promote your art more effectively than you. No one knows it better than you and no one cares about your success more than you. 2. If you don’t believe it can happen, it won’t.

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Top 10 Marketing Advice Newsletters from Art Biz Coach

Art Biz Coach original home page 2002

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Art Marketing Action Newsletter, here are the top 10 marketing advice articles from Art Biz Coach. Includes writing, blogging, exhibiting, and more. What’s #1 ?

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Your Marketing Strategy

Jacqueline Steudler, In the Midst of Trees #11. Gouache on paper.

These are not marketing strategies: having a website, starting a blog, signing up for Twitter, adding a page on Facebook.

My definition of a marketing strategy is a thoughtful plan for putting your art in front of more people and engaging potential audiences.

Jacqueline Steudler, In the Midst of Trees #11. Gouache on paper, 40 x 40 cm. ©The Artist

What strategies are you using to keep your name and art in front of people?

Speaking or conducting demonstrations at gallery receptions Sending postcards quarterly Mailing/Emailing a newsletter or regular update Writing a personal note to someone on your contact list Blogging

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Art Marketing Review

Olivia Alexander, Ocean Dance 4. Mixed media on Belgian linen

Artists should conduct a marketing review to evaluate methods they are using to sell or gain recognition for their art.

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Accept My Gratitude

I’m grateful for the full moon and the view.

If your ears burn from time to time, it’s because I’ve written down my gratitude for you. I’m thankful for your participation in my online community. That’s mostly what I wanted to tell you today. No big actions this week–just gratitude.

I’m grateful . . .

That you read my email even when your inbox is overflowing. For your purchases, no matter how small, through my online store. That you attend my workshops, where I get to meet you in person. For your comments on this blog. That you follow me on Twitter, friend me and become a fan on Facebook, and connect with me on LinkedIn. That you help other artists you might meet in my classes or find

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Marketer's dilemma: How many email messages are too many?

One of the sections in my book responds to an excuse I hear artist often make for not promoting their art: I don’t want to bother people. No one wants to bother anyone while we’re promoting our stuff, but we know we have to keep our names out there.

I just sent out two large emails to my list. One was to artists in the Midwest–a last-minute reminder that 5 slots remained for the workshop in Terre Haute on April 4. The other was to my entire list and was a reminder that early registration ends for my Estes Park seminar tomorrow (April 1).

I don’t love sending out extra emails. In fact, it kind of makes my stomach churn. I know people are going to unsubscribe to my newsletter when I send out extra emails. And, frankly,

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