What is your opinion of co-op galleries?

Deep Thought Thursday: What do you think of co-op galleries? Why? What has informed the opinion you have?

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Is the gallery system weak? < Deep Thought Thursday

The Art Newspaper recently reported that the gallery system is structurally weak. How are your galleries doing?

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Reframe How You Think About Galleries

You may think that galleries, curators, and critics have the power. And they do. They have as much power as you give them. You’re in charge of your career. It’s the first of the 6 Principles of No-Excuse Self-Promotion.

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Thinking of opening a gallery space?

The most important lesson guest blogger Kesha Bruce learned from opening a gallery was that a gallery is not a substitute for using your contact list and taking care of your biggest supporters.

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Approaching Art Galleries: Selling Yourself

How to Approach Galleries

Guest blogger and gallerist Maren Bargreen says “Artists of all levels of talent and experience don’t know how to approach galleries. It’s a rampant annoyance in our industry, and one issue that is easily solved.” Advice for how artists can avoid mistakes and bruised egos.

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A Compromise for Museums Who Don’t Allow Photography

Museums, listen up! It’s time to get with the 21st century and take advantage of the free publicity that social media can give you. Museums that ban photography altogether are living in the past. They’re missing out on tons of free publicity from avid fans!

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Facilitate Payment for the Sale of Your Artwork

You are not in a position to float loans to your art gallery. It’s their responsibility to make sure they have the financial means to stay in business. But, if you want to maintain a good relationship with the gallery and don’t want them to go under, put them at ease.

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Deep Thought(s) Thursday: Do you owe your gallery?

If someone found you on a gallery website, do you owe your gallery a finder’s fee? How do you know? Does it make a difference if the client wants a custom painting that doesn’t yet exist?

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Podcast: Give galleries what they want

While there is no standardized format for submitting your portfolio to galleries, you can earn points by being professional from the get-go. Fewer galleries = fewer artists in galleries. There isn’t much room for error. You must behave professionally in every way.


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Deep Thought Thursday: What does it take to become an art dealer?

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