Unsolicited marketing advice for galleries

Last fall I was asked, by a national publication, to write an article about innovative marketing by art galleries in this economy. I said I couldn’t. I explained that I have yet to see galleries doing anything truly innovative, so it would be impossible for me to write such an article.

The truth is, artists are far more innovative with their marketing than galleries or museums are. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t constrained by institutional traditions. Nonetheless, galleries need to take note of what is possible. They need to watch how artists are promoting themselves.

Here are some ideas for galleries.

Make education a core mission.

Fact: Most of the US population does not have a visual education. They don’t know how to look at and appreciate art. Every museum professional knows this, which is why curators and educators create

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Beware Vanity Galleries

Thinking of turning over big bucks just to add a New York venue to your résumé? Think again. Vanity galleries will suck your wallet and leave you deflated (in more ways than one). Renée Phillips has written a terrific article on vanity galleries (which she also refers to as Vulture galleries) for Art Calendar. Don’t miss the sidebar: Preparing for Legitimate Gallery Representation.

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Consider this when donating art

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Visit a museum for no reason

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Taking care of art while it’s in someone else’s hands

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Podcast: Treat your art like it belongs in a museum

If you don’t start treating your art like it belongs in a museum, why should anyone else?


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Monday afternoon update to the content: Of course, you shouldn’t use Plexiglas with pastels! The UV Plexi suggestion was only for when you are using Plexi appropriately.


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