Organize a Marketing Salon

Feeling a little lonely in your studio? Discouraged by lack of support from “close” friends and loved ones? Need a dose of motivation or the challenge of fresh ideas?

Organize an artist salon!

A salon is a social gathering of artists and intellectuals hosted at regular intervals by a patron in his or her home. Such convivial settings for the art of conversation emerged in Paris at the beginning of the seventeenth century.—Robert Atkins in ArtSpoke

Members of the Miami, FL marketing salon meet for the first time.

No word other than “salon” better describes these meetings of highly creative people brimming with ideas. My study of art history led me to learn about the numerous communities that have nurtured artists and expanded what art can be. Some were more formal communities,

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Contribute Your Talents To A Good Cause (Podcast)

There comes a time when your passion for a cause is so deep that you would regret not using your talents to help out. Listen to the podcast to get ideas on how to contribute your talents to raise money for the cause closest to your heart.

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Contribute your talents to a good cause

Art has found its way into the Tour de France. Depending on your definition of art, it may have always been there (Fans’ costumes! Crop sculptures! Handmade signs and banners!). But now Lance Armstrong, in his first Tour in four years, has teamed up with Nike to enlist the talents of 30 of the world’s foremost contemporary artists for an exhibit entitled STAGES, which opened in Paris last week.

As far as I can tell, the exhibit consists of a few Trek bikes that were decorated by the artists. (Yes, this recalls visions of Cow Parade and its infinite clones–artists working with the surface of an existing form.) Other works were created specifically for the show.

After its Paris debut, STAGES travels to New York, Los Angeles, and Portland. The artists’ works will be sold with proceeds benefiting

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Podcast: Ask for sponsorship

Interested in having a sponsor for your art opening or event? Listen to learn about specific steps to take when presenting sponsorship opportunities to people and businesses that want to be in front of your audience.


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From the Vault: Donating your art

This is the weekly feature where I group things together for you and highlight the best of the Art Biz Blog, the Art Marketing Action newsletter, and my products. Today, it’s about donating your art.

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Deep Thought Thursday: Organizations

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Podcast: Nurture your community

Community is different from audience–and more valuable to you. Listen to find out why.


Prefer reading to listening? Check out the Art Marketing Action newsletter. (There’s a link to a giveaway on that page.)

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Nurture your community

When we think about creating, we usually consider it to be a one-way conversation: the creator speaks, writes, paints, sculpts, dances, etc. and we listen, read, or view. But as a former museum educator, I have always believed that the viewer (or consumer) completes every work of art. Each person who views and shares an artwork adds a new layer of meaning to that work. You, as the artist, can decide whether or not the interpretations are valid, but once you put your art out in the world, you have relinquished total control over it.

Just like a blog, your art is the start of a conversation. If you had only an audience, you would talk at the audience, they would listen, and then they would go home. Picture an audience. Everyone is facing one way. They don’t see

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Donating Art to a Favorite Cause

I’ve written a lot about donating your art.

It’s always good to donate your talents to a cause you believe in–whether it’s donating your art, your organizational skills, your time, or whatever.

When you donate your art, make sure you get credit! My assistant, Shari Cornish, donated a design to her Vermont NPR station to use on a mug. She got her name and credit on the mug and on the Web site. So many people forget to give credit. It’s usually not malicious, but just an oversight due to being overworked and underpaid.

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Arts in Education Study Proves What Some of Us Already Knew

A first-of-its-kind study by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and the Colorado Council on the Arts (CCA) reveals that public high schools offering more arts education have higher academic achievement, regardless of student ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

New survey data associate arts education with higher scores on the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) in reading, writing and science – and lower dropout rates. Colorado is one of only three states to conduct a similar comprehensive study of arts education in public schools. In all three states, schools that scored high on the survey’s arts index had lower dropout rates.

The findings also show that most of Colorado’s public schools – with elementary schools in the lead – choose to offer some formal arts education to a majority of students, regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic makeup of the student

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