Assess the Risk

If you think about it, you take a risk getting out of bed every morning. You don’t know what the day holds for you. You take a risk signing up for a new class by an unknown teacher. You take a risk every time you pull out a fresh slab of clay or point your lens and snap a shot.

Life is full of risks since nothing is certain. But some things seem to be riskier than others–like leaving a day job to devote time to your art. When looking at opportunities, try a semi-scientific approach and assess the risk.

Charlotte Kruk
Charlotte Kruk, Creamy. Acrylic on canvas. ©The Artist

Get out your pen and paper and write whatever you’re mulling over at the top of the page. Below it, make two columns. (You’ve probably done this before.) At the top of the left column put “Advantages.” The right column will be . . . you guessed it . . . “Disadvantages.” You can also use +/- if these symbols make more sense. Then list in each column everything you can think of associated with the advantages (+) or disadvantages (-) of taking that risk.

Now comes the important part. You have to decide.

Ask yourself:
* Which choice could I live with?
* One year from today, which decision will give me the most satisfaction?

Here’s how I approach all of this. I have always said that I’ll be happier if I take a risk and have an unsatisfactory result than if I play it safe and wonder “What if?” or “If only I had . . . “. I may regret decisions I make, but I don’t ever want to be sorry that I didn’t take any action.


Assessing your risks can help you make an informed decision.

Have you ever regretted not taking a risk?

DO THIS———-~>
Assess the risk. Get out your pen and paper and work it out. Things become clearer when they’re organized instead of floating around in your head. After you’ve written everything down, you can ask yourself the big questions to come to a decision.

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