Have a Good Day with Me - Time Sensitive

Today, February 3, is my birthday and I hope you’ll celebrate with me.

Alyson Stanfield

After the Broncos sad performance last night, we drowned ourselves in early birthday cake.

It would be meaningful to know that you had a really good day on February 3. So I outlined 8 (my favorite number) things that I thought would make for a next-to-perfect day.

My Birthday Challenge

Just for this one day, could you please do the following? I estimate everything except #1 will take less than an hour (though you could spend longer on #6 – up to you).

  1. Spend time making art – whatever your art is and whatever it needs from you today.
  2. Smile to yourself at least five times.
  3. Tell 1 person you love them.
  4. Tell 1 person – via phone, email, or social media – that you appreciate them.
  5. Write in your journal or on your blog about 5 things you are grateful for.
  6. Splurge in some way on yourself (take a bubble bath, get a manicure, buy a new art supply, take a walk, have a piece of cake).
  7. Listen to your favorite music. *Bonus points if you dance!
  8. Donate $5, $10, $25 or more to a deserving cause. I’ll be donating to the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+), which provides assistance for artists in need all over the country. You can donate to CERF+ here.

I’d Love To Send You This Gift

If you do these TODAY, leave a comment here in the next 24 hours and share the details of what you’ve done. I have to be able to see that you’ve done all of them.

I’ll pick a winner to receive an Art Biz Coach goodie bag – shipped anywhere in the world. Includes:

  • Hard copy of my book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio
  • 5 CDs: Pricing Your Art, Go Pro, Website Makeover, Your Artist Talk, and Promote Your Art Through Video
  • E-book on CD: The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement

Value = $234

Picking the winner is my sole discretion. It might be based on what I hear from you or, if all is equal, I’ll pull a name out of the birthday cake.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Selected from a pile of names on paper dropped to the floor (blindly): Denise Newberry of Cabin Press Studio. Congratulations, Denise!

PS: Even if you don’t get all of them, done, at least do a few and tell me about them. I hope they make you feel good.

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67 comments to Have a Good Day with Me – Time Sensitive

  • Sweetest Birthday Wishes Alyson…even if it’s a little late!

  • Hi Alyson,(I tried to post this today after hearing back from you but no go, not sure why? …so it is probably too late, but anyway….here it is and it was fun to rise to the “challenge”))

    Happy Birthday!
    I smiled (to myself) as I saw the colours of your scarf, then the curtains (both small patterns), then the cake….you are an artist indeed!

    So I did the list!
    Spent 4 hours at my studio doing cold wax and oil and groovin’ to Leonard Cohen. I definitely smiled a number of times. Came home and had a glass of wine with my hubby and then lit two candles and had a bath.

    And this was BEFORE I read your email!

    So I went and did my 5 gratitudes (which I am grateful you taught us in bootcamp). I told my son I loved him. I emailed a friend an appreciative comment on his birthday.

    And I wrote a cheque to the Red Cross to support the ongoing civil unrest in south Sudan…heard a refugee from there speak yesterday so this was my deserving cause.

    All the best in the coming year, Alyson!

    Jane Gateson

  • Sally Glutting

    What a lovely idea! I had such fun with all your suggestions. I had to drive in winter weather to take my sewing machine in for repair and I sang along with the music in the snowstorm!

  • Sally Glutting

    And I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  • Hey Alyson! Great ideas!
    I spent about six hours working in the studio, and smiled almost the whole time:)
    I start and end every day telling my wonderful wife that I love her, and a few more times during the day.
    I dropped of new paintings at a local gallery and told the owner how much I appreciate what he does for the arts community and my career.
    I recorded my newest ideas as I drove around running errands and then wrote in my journal. The blog is next.
    My splurge was on my nutritional supplements. I spent 30-60 minutes a day taking care of my health.
    I listened to some amazing music while I worked in the studio. No dancing today, but I did a little boogie a few days ago.
    Tomorrow I’ll be in my Exchange Club meeting, where we donate to a brag jar, and on Thursday I volunteer my time to wait tables at the local Theatre which will raise money for the Exchange Club.
    Tonight I’m catching up on some reading and research.
    Maybe tomorrow can be just as productive. I love days like this!
    Thanks for the motivation!
    Happy Birthday!
    Randy L Purcell

  • Odette Larner

    Happy Birthday,
    Always spending quality time creating art while listening to music and dancing.
    This in turn makes me (and everyone else) smile at me.
    Found some great shoes and on special (in my size) bonus.
    My husband always has my love and appreciation, he believes in me so much (he is so wonderful)
    My donation goes to the salvation army.
    Have a great day and every day.
    Best wishes

  • Lorna Schreck

    I thought you were wishing me a happy birthday when I opened up the email – because WE SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY. I started my day with the Artist’s way – journaling and then some meditation and then some healing work.
    I celebrated with two very special art friends and we had a fun and easy time together – it had been just about a year since we were all together. I did complete your list and also my list. I took pictures of the day and the laughter and the singing and dancing (Brenda brought her steel guitar and her new accordion) and the art (Penny brought new paintings she recently completed) and the lunch and the cake ( my 97 year old mom made for us) and even the cards. Brenda’s birthday is today and we thoroughly celebrated both of us because we both still want each other and we both still need each other and we are both now 64!

    I can’t imagine a better day! Thanks for adding to it with your blog and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

  • Very cool birthday idea! You’re so creative!

  • You guys are AWESOME.

    We have a winner! I made about 30+ pieces of paper with your names on them. Then I closed my eyes and dropped them to the floor. With eyes still closed, I picked up a piece of paper that said Denise Newberry.

    Congratulations, Denise!

  • Thank you SO VERY much Alyson, excited that my name was dropped on your floor + picked up!! …. My mailbox is anxiously awaiting all the special goodies. Can’t wait to play the CD’s. Enjoy your year.
    Warmly ~Denise

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