Steal These Blog Post Formulas

Yesterday I confessed that I have been less than inspired with my blogging lately. I gave you a list of 10 paths you can take to get out of a creative slump, but I thought of one more.

Make Lists

Maybe my blogging is uninspired because I’ve been lazy. Or maybe I’m not paying attention.

I try to listen to what artists are talking about because that’s where I get most of my inspiration. But sometimes I don’t always hear. It doesn’t always translate into a post – preferring to take the quick route through my brain maze. IF you know what I mean.

Instead of waiting for inspiration, I’m going after it. I’m making a list!

It’s not the first time I’ve done this. As reported, I keep blog posts ideas in Evernote and in my WordPress Editorial Calendar. I also have years of notebooks with content ideas scattered throughout.

The process I’m going through now is gathering the ideas, reviewing them, and freshening them up. Surely something will come of this process.

You can adapt my process to create a list of content ideas for your blog or newsletter. If you already have scattered lists, bring them together and update the topics. Maybe this list of blog post formulas might inspire you.

Blog Post Formulas

4 Ways to . . . (install a sculpture, typeset a label, piss off someone on Facebook)

7 Reasons to . . . (get into the studio, get out of the studio, be a mentor)

How to . . . (make art, converse with a collector, embarrass yourself at your opening)

Why You Shouldn’t . . . (weld naked, drink too much at your opening)

Why You Should . . . (negotiate, ignore Twitter, hang out at bookstores)

Uncommon Inspiration from . . . (interviews, advice, quotes)

The Best . . . (teacher, book, cure for the post-opening blues)

Most Popular Posts on This Blog (come up with a more exciting title than this!)

Go ahead. Make up your own list and don’t let the well run dry.



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