Christmas Eggnog: Not for the faint of heart

EggnogA holiday gift for you to prepare in advance. Make sure you let the flavors come together at least overnight.

A couple of years ago I shared this eggnog recipe with readers. This stuff is the nectar of the gods.

Those who were raised on eggnog from a carton won’t like it. Those who despise eggnog because they think real eggnog tastes like that from a carton will be shocked. I’ve made many an eggnog convert with this amazing recipe. The story of how it came to be part of our holiday tradition is on the document.

Also, I’m throwing in my favorite gingersnap recipe. I no longer eat wheat flour, but this was a staple for years. Enjoy these recipes and get your eggnog ready!

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2 comments to Christmas Eggnog: Not for the faint of heart

  • Homemade Cat or Dog Dry Food recipe: 4 cups of baby food oatmeal cereal (Heinz is good), 1 pound ground meat (beef is fine)…Cook the meat, add to oatmeal , add some boiled water to make it stick together as a dough, with your hands make into balls, put on oil greased cookie sheet , for 3 hours at 250Fahrenheit , turn oven off leave for one more hour to dry out , stores in container for up to one month…(other kinds of oatmeal work too- but baby food is fortified with vitamins & tastes delicious)…(these taste so good, if you were a carnivore I’d tell you to try them…)

  • Sorry, forgot to attribute…this was modified from a pet food recipe I originally read at …I got rid of the bran cause I found the cats didn’t like the taste…the extra oil too, cause water works better to make the dough stick…(costs 7.67 a batch)…

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