What is your opinion of co-op galleries?

Several artists have asked recently about the validity of co-op galleries. Before I share my opinion in a future post. What is yours?

Edge Gallery co-op in Denver with the work of Heather Doyle-Maier in the foreground.

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What do you think of co-op galleries?


What has informed the opinion you have?

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90 comments to What is your opinion of co-op galleries?

  • If it’s between $50 to $150 a month and you can go month-to-month, it’s worth a try, especially if you are like most of us and cannot get a gallery to show your work for free. They are usually flexible because one of the founding members may be willing to sit out a few months to save the money if they can’t sell their own work so easily lately. It took me months to sell anything where I was. I finally realized I needed to do smaller paintings with lower prices. Most of the other paintings I saw there were still there a year later. Another artist rented out a whole wall for his enormous paintings of flowers and after just one month he pulled out. At the time I thought that was impatient but there’s nothing wrong with testing things out if you can. Try whatever you can with minimal commitment and cost. You never know. Someone with a booth at a very popular local salvage yard/antique complex has had four of my paintings there for several months and not one has sold. Meanwhile, my barber has sold two of the four or five paintings he’s shown in his shop for me. Of course, neither are charging me anything, so there’s nothing to lose. If I’d been paying the woman with the booth $50 a month, I probably would have pulled out by now.

    • I should add that what I have noticed over the years is that if you want to get something done right, then do it yourself…What I mean by that is if you want to sell your works of art, say in a co-op gallery, then it is imperative that you stand there for a shift or more, & that is when you will sell YOUR art…If you show in a co-op, then whoever is manning the gallery that day is not necessarily going to push your work…Often, they will be pushing their own, which is fair…The times that I sold in a co-op were the times that I was there…If you’re not there, it sits…Which is why I think even in regular galleries, your work can sit…People really like to talk to the artist & there are details that only an artist will know…One of the best times for me was way at the beginning when I had my own studio & did my own shows & sold directly…When you are in control of everything, there is nobody to blame or credit but yourself…The gallery illusion puts that into the hands of others…Others who do not care as much about you as you do…

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