Art Marketing Action Podcast: Conquer Doubt

It doesn’t matter whether others believe in you or not. What matters is that you believe in yourself. Dwelling in doubt can be debilitating. You must counter the doubt before it overtakes you.

Tune in to this week’s Art Marketing Action podcast–an audio version of the newsletter/post of the same title. Read the newsletter here.

The last episode of the Art Marketing Action podcast was November 22, 2010. You can listen to or download any episode on iTunes.

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1 comment to Art Marketing Action Podcast: Conquer Doubt

  • Dodi

    Hi Alyson “)
    I’m Dodi, I’m a Cartoonist/Illustrator. I just found this website and I Love It!
    This is exactly what I need, what I have been looking for, but your soo much more than I imaged (and i can be pretty creative too). This is Awesome! You’ll be hearing more about me… a lot!! 😀
    Thank you for this and all you do in here to help artist like myself and others to succeed.
    Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…
    Gotta go now, gotta go draw. 🙂
    A new friend
    Dodi “)

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