Artists’ Day Jobs – What’s Yours?

Before going to bed, I read a chapter or two of Julia Cameron’s Letters to a Young Artist.

I underlined this passage:

I don’t know where we got the idea that being a full-time artist meant no day job. Being an artist is a matter of consciousness. Having a day job doesn’t alter that. I have seen more artists damaged by unlimited time than limited time.

So, I started wondering what you are doing to supplement your art income. I asked the question on Facebook.

Here are the responses I received (with apologies to anyone I missed):

Julie Robertson Receptionist – boss lets her make art at her desk and gives her studio space.

Cathy Pierce Payne custom frame designer

Frances Vettergreen Visual Artist self-employed medical professional

Mark Scantling Heavy diesel mechanic

Ann Marie Scott Part-time at corporate law firm – great benefits

Caroline C. Blaker Web development – developing the designs of others

Suzanne Utaski Gibbs Full-time wife and mother as well as a part time art teacher

Alyson Champ Farmer

Ann Cook Interaction Designer

Joanne Vallee Brunelle Full-time owner/framer of gallery and frame shop

Creative Stash Graphic Designer

Sikiu Clay Designs Office manager, marketer, and more for husband’s house framing business

Heather Dakota Writer/Editor/Graphic Designer

Don Scott Store manager for a family-owned chain of camera stores.

Kelly Darke – Fine Art art therapist

Patt Scrivener Aifd Home stylist and floral designer

Fine Art By Vanessa Turner structural engineer

Christen Caudle Benat Stylist with Stella & Dot

Mantel Amey Case manager for kids with behavioral issues

Wendi McGowan Marketing Director at a mobile apps development company

Cindy Eley Cradler audiologist

Elizabeth Wocasek Library media technical assistant

Alexandra Gerull Mom

Sarah Snavely Part-time library director

Hollie Taylor Full time Mixed Media Ceramics teacher at local high school.

Lori Anne Boocks Director of Marketing & Communications full-time at a non-profit

Ashley Kiefer Coffee Bar Manager

Elissa Campbell Owns 2 part-time businesses: One as a bookbinder and the other as an online marketing/social media consultant

Theresa Rojas Graduate/Phd student in English. Teaches writing and Women’s Studies

Angeline Marie Martinez Nuclear analyst-program coordinator

Kelly Dombrowski Full time mom, caregiver, minister, graphic/webmaster

Judy Jacobs VP of a commercial real estate development company (part time)

Rachel Thadal Senior advisor (Performance management) at an health and social services center, Mom

Michelle Zacharias Language consultant: technical writer, translator, and teacher

David Bender Personal Trainer

What’s your day job?

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