Deep Thought Thursday: What does it take to become an art dealer?

Today's Deep Thought comes from an NPR rebroadcast of the debate: Is the Art Market Less Ethical Than the Stock Market? I'm paraphrasing a statement by Michael Hue-Williams from that debate.

To become an art dealer, you need to have a pulse and two eyes in your head. Otherwise, anyone can be one.

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5 comments to Deep Thought Thursday: What does it take to become an art dealer?

  • Alyson, as far as I can figure – good art dealers have a list of avid collectors and are adding to that list as they can.

  • …the lady I’m working with now has an MBA & is completing an MFA as we speak…

  • becky nielsen

    There is a lot of money to be made in the art market so it certainly will attract many people who have no interest in ethics. And there are many others who bring all of their integrity, talent, and passion to it and provide great service all the way around.

  • The question is – what questions do you ask and of whom in order to really find out if you have a ‘keeper’ of an art dealer for your art.
    It would seem obvious to inquire of other artists represented by that dealer, but what are the questions for the dealer and also, how can you view their activities and statistics in order to make a good choice of rep?

  • Alex

    Art dealers need to know alot about art or they would end up trying to sell krap art work that will never get sold for the price that the art dealer would want for it

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