Drive More Traffic to Your Site

It’s a waste of time – yours and your recipients’ – to send an email or tweet that only says you have a new blog post or have updated your website.

Use more enticing language in your newsletter, email blast, Facebook update, or tweet to encourage blog visits and more meaningful connections.

Below are examples of how I might announce selected real-life blog posts.

Ann Brauer, Out of the Earth. Art quilt.

Ann Brauer, Out of the Earth. Art quilt, 99 x 99 inches. ©The Artist

If your blog post solves a problem, emphasize that you have a solution >>>

How to add your Facebook page to your personal profile: (Lisa Call)

Your missive will also be successful if you pique the curiosity of the recipients >>>

Get a sneak peak of what I’ll be wearing to the Art of the State: (Wendy Edsall-Kerwin)

Must see: 3400-year-old paint box from an artist who lived during the reign of Amenhotep ll:
(Margret Short)

Ever wonder what a booth looks like at an art licensing trade show? See me in front of giant banners of my art: (Debra Cortese)

Proof that pink and brown look great together: (Casey Klahn)

They sent me a necklace in the mail and here’s how I updated it: (Charlie)

5 Women from history that inspire me to be a better artist: (Cathy Read)

Spend a few extra minutes on your next email or tweet to drive more traffic to your website or blog.

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