Drink Eggnog and Be Merry! The Recipe

Cheers to those who look forward my recipe for Bert’s Eggnog each year!

I’m a little like Susan Stamberg who annually recites her cranberry relish recipe on NPR and, despite its ghastly Pepto-Bismol coloring, swears it’s delicious. (I’ve had it and beg to differ!)

Anyhoo . . . I PROMISE my eggnog recipe is the nectar of the gods and goddesses. I have converted many a declared eggnog-hater with this sweet concoction.

2 Cups of Eggnog

© billberryphotog / Fotosearch Stock Photography

I dedicate 99.99% of this blog to art business and art marketing, but you have to endure the annual posting of the recipe for Bert’s Eggnog if you’re a subscriber.

And I must say . . . If you’re just enduring, you’re missing out. You really need to stop reading this recipe every year and start making and drinking it!

Download the Recipe for Bert’s Eggnog Here (includes the story of how it came to be in my life and how we imbibe)

If You Make This Recipe

If you make this recipe, I want to hear from you in a comment below. What’s your ritual around it?

Better yet, I’d love to see your photos with Bert’s Eggnog! Post them on my Facebook page.

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