IE users: I’m not screaming at you–honestly

I guess my blog is looking a little wonky in Internet Explorer right now.

I am not writing this post in all caps.
My sidebar and posts look quite normal in Firefox and Safari.

We're trying to see why this blog isn't playing nicely with IE. I'll let you know when I find out more.

Thanks for your patience.

Update Saturday, May 16: This issue has been resolved.

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10 comments to IE users: I’m not screaming at you–honestly

  • I have the same problem with my blog. Sigh. IE… Specifically IE6 and IE7. Wish I knew why. Good luck!

  • No guarantees this is the only problem, but looking at your code the first problem I see is here:
    <!– Photography Credit –!>
    it should be:
    <!– Photography Credit –>

    Removing the ! at the end.

  • Actually now that I look at it that is happening in several spots. Check all of your page for this –!> and remove the ! on them. Don’t remove the one that looks like this though: <!– you need the exclamation point on the opening one.

  • If you try to validate your CSS and XHTML you’ll find several errors, I suspect fixing those is the best way to start and then see if there’s still some problems. Especially IE6 is very tricky and actually don’t behave like it should. But you should always start with valid code!

  • Eeek. Techie problems. Good luck. And great to know youre not shouting at me…

  • It is funny you mentioned this. I am a Mac and PC user. Now, my primary computer is PC. For years, I used IE on PCs. However about a year ago, I switched to Firefox because IE became too wacky. I didn’t want to switch, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    IE is a distant memory. Too bad. It was a great browser at one time.

    Sheree Rensel

  • jason

    Most users that were having trouble viewing my pages in IE were using an outdated version. Maybe there is something you can address there…

  • I use Opera browser and your page looks fine although I don’t see a sidebar today. I would check your code as was suggested by another reader above.

  • Barney Davey

    Hi Alyson, Between blogging and consulting on art business issues, I work days at a high tech firm that sells domains, hosting, email and more. With 6+ million customers, we gets lots of calls. A good number of them are browser related issues. Web browsers have gotten so bloated with features in an effort to capture market share. It makes it near impossible for developers to keep up with changes. So, despite the anguish, we often are left we try another browser. If IE is squirelly, then try FF or vice-versa. Safari and Chrome, fageddaboutit; their collective market share puts them at the bottom of the heap for trying to maintain standards. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s triage on staying up on more important issues than someone being cranky because their web-based email is finicky with their browser.

    I have had very good luck with putting in trouble tickets with Typepad. I can usually get a response in a few hours and it comes with a solution in almost every case. Give that a try. If there is a known issue, they can alert you and if there is a workaround, they can alert you to that as well.


  • Christy: You were RIGHT! You win the prize! I wish I had listened to you two days ago. Thanks so much. Looks like all is well with the world.

    And thanks to everyone else who tried to help. VERY much appreciated.

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