We’re Darn Lucky

We’re lucky to be artists.

We’re lucky we can make and share our work with the world.

We’re lucky we can inspire, move, compel, and question.

Darn Lucky Shamrock

If you feel lucky, please reuse this graphic or pin it on Pinterest.

We’re lucky we can engage in conversations about art and humanity.

We’re lucky to be part of a community of artists.

We’re lucky we’re part of the 33% of the world’s population that can communicate with one another instantly.

We’re lucky to be part of a tradition and history of art, which includes names like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Pablo, Georgia, Frida, and Jasper.

We’re Luckier

We’re luckier when other people buy our art, talk about our art, and share our art.

We’re luckier when we are grateful about what we have rather than dwelling on what is missing.

We’re Luckiest

We’re luckiest of all when we have people to support emotionally during our artist journey.

I’m Lucky

I’m lucky to do what I do and to share this virtual community with you. Thanks for being here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all – Irish, wannabes, or annual green-beer drinkers.


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