Are You Announcing, Commanding or Inviting?

Tamara McElhannon’s announcement

Are you announcing, commanding, or inviting in your marketing messages? There is a place for each of these in your art marketing, but I encourage you to be aware of which you’re using and when. An announcement is a presentation of the facts. “I’m having an exhibition. The opening is at this time and this place. Here’s how you see my art.” Tamara McElhannon’s lovely announcement is pictured here.

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5 Cures for the Email Blahs

Jill Rosoff does a good job sending solo emails for events such as this watercolor workshop

Email has become indispensable for marketing, but sometimes we can’t see what’s right under our noses. If you are in an email funk and not seeing results from what you’re sending, consider these five remedies. 1. Understand the difference between newsletters and solo emails. A newsletter is usually a regular update (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) that has consistent features.

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31 Types of Photographs You Can Use to Promote Your Art

Adele Sypesteyn paintings in a room

Don’t underestimate your audience’s desire to know more about you and more about your life as an artist. And never underestimate the story that a good photograph can tell. Share photos of Your Art, Your Office, Your Studio, and You. I’ll bet you already have a lot of these photos, but are you showing them? Could you share a quick link to them if you were asked?

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The Big Fat Artist Video Challenge

In Promote Your Art Through Video, R. Daniel Foster left us with a challenge. If you participated in this teleseminar (and you can still sign up here) and created a video as part of the challenge, we want to hear from you. Please leave your video link in a comment on this post and tell us what you most enjoyed about the seminar. We’ll give you free feedback.

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The Secret To Powerful Videos That Showcase Your Art

R. Daniel Foster

Filmmaker R. Daniel Foster explains how video’s message and meaning must be in sync in order to be a powerful marketing tool.

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Are You Nuts?

©Cynthia Morris, Walnuts at Palermo Market. Used with permission.

You’re probably familiar with this quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If the quote is true, are you nuts? Have you been promoting your art the same way for years and expecting improved results?

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The 3 Ds of Real Mail Marketing

Sign I came across in Black Eagle, Montana for the 3-D International Restaurant and Lounge. I was told the 3 Ds are “drinking, dining, and dancing,” but let’s pretend they are delight, differentiate, and depend.

Are you neglecting real mail (a.k.a. “snail mail”) as part of your marketing strategy? We’ve been so spoiled by the immediacy and low cost of email that many of us have forgotten about the advantages of real mail. In the season of holiday cards, gifts, and Christmas letters, let’s remember why it’s still valuable to your art business to use the post office.

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Save Time With Evergreen Content

Evergreen boughs

How’d you like to save time writing and updating your sites? It’s easy! Make your content “evergreen.” Evergreen content is up-to-date whether it’s consumed now, next month, or three years into the future.

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Where to Distribute Catalogs of Your Art

A few weeks ago I wrote about what should go into a catalog of your art. (Be sure to read the comments for catalog tips from readers.) Now I want to talk about what to do with a catalog you’ve created.

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Peek Inside a Catalog of Your Art

Catalogs document an exhibit or body of work, and they are a record of your career at a moment in time. Consider creating an electronic or printed catalog to utilize as marketing pieces of your work. Here is a list of key features to include in your catalog.

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