Podcast: Blogging with Margret Short

Short_2Margret Short shares her blogging experience in my first Art Marketing Action podcast.  Listen to the interview to find out:

  • What writing about her art regularly has done for her.
  • The response she has received from her galleries.
  • The single piece of advice she’d give to a new artist-blogger.

Read Margret Short’s blog.

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5 comments to Podcast: Blogging with Margret Short

  • Ash

    I enjoyed listening to the podcast and am anxious to go and read Margret’s blog. I have been keeping a personal blog for over a year and just started a studio blog. I felt hesitant in doing an art blog due to feeling that no one wants to know about my processes and thoughts surrounding my art. I take it my perception is wrong in this? As well, its great to have a blog, but how do you get readers to your art blog?

  • Loved your podcast, Alyson! Margret had some good insights about how blogging has helped her expand her thinking about her project. I totally agree—my blogging, like my teaching, helps to keep me thinking about what I do, and why. It allows me to expand my vocabulary and explore different ways to explain ideas and concepts to my clients. Thank you also for the tip about using my blog writings for other purposes as well. Seems like a no brainer, but hey, I hadn’t made that connection! Last, your podcast today is the first podcast that I have ever listened to—great fun, and great potential for an add-on feature for MY blog! Thanks again Alyson.

  • Hello Everyone: I’m dying to find the podcast. where do you find it? I don’t see any options. Thanks Maggie

  • Debra Conrad

    Loved the podcast…a brave undertaking for any blogger! Margrets suggestion to add many graphics/photos to blogs should be easy for any “artist” to understand. When trying to convey a feeling or description to others…visual aids are always a bonus. My suggestion is to keep the blog posts personal (write to one person – not the masses) and short ( about 400 words). Bloggers can go into great depth about a subject, but it so much easier to understand the subject on small incriments. Divide the subject into smaller articles to keep your readers attention. Thanks Alyson for sharing so much great information to those of us who can find all the technology a bit overwhelming. Debra THAT Painter Lady.com

  • […] most important reason for starting a blog, but it’s a big incentive to keep it up. Listen to my interview with artist Margret Short about what blogging did for […]

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