Podcast: Expand your online marketing

Things are changing in the art world. Are you going to yearn for the past or embrace the future?


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7 comments to Podcast: Expand Your Online Marketing

  • Ditto, ditto, ditto for authors, please! Has anyone noticed there is no recession on the Internet?

  • Alyson, I have greatly enjoyed your newsletters, book and this blog and you have provided wonderful information. However, I’m not yet sold on the blog thing as a tool for artists to sell more work. I have seen several artists blogs that are like diaries and have more to do with their personal lives than their art. I also see many art blogs that cater to helping other artists (which is great-if that is the intention), but is it helping the artist with sales or increased opportunities? I have discovered that when I am researching various emerging and mid-career artists, they usually have a website but rarely have a blog. Granted most are already in galleries and perhaps aren’t looking to expand. I know artists that sell jewelry and paint relatively small may find some success from a blog, but what about artists whose work is larger? I know you come in contact with several artists, so do you really feel that other than social networking with other artists a blog helps artists connect with art patrons? I’d love to hear from your other art followers who have blogs about whether it has helped them. Thanks for all you do!

  • Diana Moses Botkin

    I use my website address in my business email address, as you’ve suggested here. This apparently gets labeled as spam by some servers. Oftentimes it is blocked. Is anyone else experiencing this problem using a website address in their email? Any suggestions on how to overcome this glitch?

  • I used to have my twitter profile in my signature but discovered some of my emails were disappearing. I took it an and magically my emails worked again. A friend had the same problem with a link to her blogger blog. Emails disappearing. I have no problems with my website and blog in my signature. Both are custom URLs not big free site names like blogspot.com or wordpress.com. Those I’d be less willing to put in my signature for fear of the mails getting blocked.

  • Er – make that “took it out”…

  • Hi Alyson, I’m responding to Casey’s thoughtful note and request for feedback regarding blogs. I have two blogs/sites: My art site is at moltenmira.com. It has been very helpful for a two reasons: 1) Luckily, WordPress allows you to set up a blog with extra pages that serve as my portfolio. I (and other artists I know) have referred gallery owners and potential clients to the site to see my work. I have not been approached cold from cyberspace. However, when I was featured in Artful Home catalog, potential buyers found my site, realized I have other series of work, and contacted me. 2) My artblog was actually started to catalog my progress as an artist. It dates back to 2004, before I sold work. Because I’ve kept the evolution in a blog, I’m able to be clear about my process, how my ideas have emerged and what has influenced my work. This has helped me in talking with potential buyers/galleries. I have struggled with whether this information should remain posted, but ultimately I end up deciding that art is most accessible when the artist is willing to be accessible. Every artist must make their own choice about how vulnerable they wish to be. My other blog (started just this year) is FindYourcSpot.com. This blog is a response to my life’s goal of encouraging people in their own creative journey. It is not meant as a business venture, but it has had the side effect of a bit of increased traffic on my artblog. In both blogs, I make a point to not discuss my personal life, meaning my family, my day job or the like. The only exception is if an event/person has actually influenced my work. I do discuss philosophy and ideas, as these things influence my work. Ultimately, I think blogs are worth it. However, they take a lot effort and the commitment to continue a dialog. Stay warm and inspired, Mira

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