Podcast: Have a Sale with Class

You CAN have a sale of your art. You just need to do it with class.


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5 comments to Podcast: Have a Sale with Class

  • Great timing for this, Alyson! I just moved, and of course pulled piles of old work out of the back of closets. I have mixed feelings about what to do with it, and have considered a “sale of historic work” to a private list of collectors and supporters. I’m still uncertain, since some of the work is old enough to make me wince… but it’s good to know a sale is not a completely insane idea.

  • This is just what I have been trying to do! I have a show (Studio Art Tour) coming up in September and would love to have a sale on old work that has been everywhere and I don’t know what to do with it. Most of it is actually decent work, just not the right buyers, too high of a price for most people (I know this as I have had lots of compliments and interest, “just can’t afford it”), or it is just not my best work! I would love to know what to call the paintings that I can separate from my regular , new/er work. I love the “sale of historic work”, but all I can think of is “old work”, “clearance”, “reduced inventory sale”, everything that is just the opposite of what I want people to think. There has to be some creative name that we can use to let people know there are some bargains, but not depreciate our art or hurt our collectors from our galleries. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Sherrie: No, you’re not insane! I think it’s even more appropriate for older work that you probably won’t show publicly. Nancy: Good question! Let me think on this and perhaps do a new post.

  • Mark

    I made some digital art flowers online at http://www.zazzle.com/susanrozen

  • alex petrovsky

    A much better art sale proposition can be selling via gifting-a reasonably unexplored concept. http://www.artbank.ch/giftstax.html

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