Podcast: Identify (only) the next action

Want to avoid a backlog of tasks and feeling overwhelmed by projects you need to complete?

Clearly define your tasks and identify only the next action for your task list. Always ask yourself: What’s the next action?

Listen to this week’s podcast for guidance on how to be more productive.

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4 comments to Podcast: Identify (Only) the Next Action

  • I’m surprised you didn’t credit David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done.” The next action is his concept.

  • Newfry: My intentions weren’t to steal someone else’s concept. I didn’t credit David Alan because that’s not where I learned the concept. I could never get the GTD system the way David Allen teaches it. I learned the concept a different way–from someone elase. It wasn’t intended as a slight. I do my best to always give credit where credit is due.

  • Omnium rerum principia parva sunt. Perhaps we should credit Cicero with the idea that all things have a small beginning. No matter whose idea your post is very helpful to me and said in a very nice voice. Thanks.

  • Beetle: Thank you! I do believe that you’re the first to cite Cicero on this blog.

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